The Trakehners in my life

Nothing worth having is easy to get (keep or hold on to) that is certainly the case with keeping my horse dreams alive. I’ve been fighting to stay financially stable (really, trying to get somewhere close to financially stable). I’ve gone through multiple panic attacks and I’ve had multiple moments of I’m going to give up. I can’t do this anymore.

I’ve hit that point so often that I keep looking over my shoulder waiting for the meat truck to roll up the drive and take my horses from me. That is where I’m at. I’m so afraid that the two creatures I’ve fought so hard for are going to be ripped from me. It’d be better if someone ripped my heart out of my chest. I’m getting anxious just imagining someone appearing to take my horses from me.

Here is a picture of Julie and Fae meeting for the first time:



Here is a picture of them (and me) when Fae was about two months old:


Here is a picture of them now:




Don’t look at my horrible expression. The sun was in my eyes and they were both annoyed that they weren’t in their turnout area eating.

Fae is an amazing baby. I don’t know how I ended up with such an amazing foal. This is my first baby and my first experience training a foal. It makes me feel like I’m an amazing horse trainer but really, it’s because I have such an amazing horse (Julie) who is a phenomenal mother. So much has happened this past year. It’s been a long and bumpy ride. Fae will be a year in a little over a month. At this point last year I just bought Lexy and she was in quarantine. Julie was very pregnant and I was worried she was going to go into labor early. If only I knew she’d be a month overdue. You live and you learn. You just have to keep on trying.

I don’t want to lose them. I don’t want to lose the baby I’ve dreamed about for years. Nor do I want to lose the mare who is the most amazing horse I’ve ever met. She blows every other horse out of the water when it comes to temperament, rideability and personality.

I love Trakehners. I love how funny, peculiar and loyal they are. I love my horses with all of my heart. I pray that this love won’t be in vain. I pray my story will be one of triumph and not despair.


The Temperamental Trakehner

Trakehners are high strung and quick to let you know if you’ve done something wrong. They are a unique blend of Arabian, Thoroughbred and native western European blood. They were bred to be hardy and loyal and courageous. They are unlike any other breed. 

Trakehners are used to refine other warmblood breeds. Yet, winning the heart of a Trakehner is a delicate and difficult task. Like any true horse person I love my horses as much as I loathe them. I rejoice in every accomplishment and I grumble about every dollar they “eat”. 

I often wonder why on earth I am a horse person. I must be a Masochist or hell bent on driving myself insane. Who would chose such a difficult life? Who would want to dream of galloping across fields on a beast who flies with hooves that barely touch the ground. 

Who would want to look into the eyes of a kind and gentle soul and know that they sense your every thought and feeling. Who would want to give their heart to such a majestic creature?

Trakehners are noble and brave. They’ve survived multiple wars and mass killings. They’ve survived being the meal for the enemy and they’ve know the triumph of being the world greatest athlete. 

The Trakehner is my breed and I’m proud of it. 

Researching Trakehners

I am working on a story idea about Trakehners. Yesterday, I spent about 2 hours searching through horse records and lineage but I came out empty handed.

I need the name of a Trakehner mare born around 1720. I can find records going back to about 1790 but nothing further in history. I could make up the name of a horse but I don’t want to do that. I want to tie in the history of the Trakehner breed with the story and I feel that using a fictional name would detract from the story line.

The truth is that there isn’t as much information as I’d like to have when it come to the history of the Trakehner breed. As a writer, I don’t want to detract from the history of the noble breed and yet, it’s hard for me to write a story if I don’t have the facts.

I could claim poetic license and just write the story I want to write. I may end up doing that.


Why Trakehners

“You have Trakehners? Meaning multiple? Who would want more than one Trakehner?” That was the beginning of a conversation I had with a Dutch Warmblood owner while I was working at Tractor Supply.

When I tell horse people I own Trakehners I get one of two responses “What?” to which I say “it is a breed of warmblood.” or “Why would you own a trakehner, they’re crazy.” to which I respond “It depends on the bloodlines and whether or not they like you.”

Trakehners are a special breed. They are a fine wine only a select few can appreciate. When I was little I dreamed of owning a bay warmblood mare. I never thought I would actually end up achieving that goal. I fell in love with Julie when she was out of shape and injured. Working with her has been an amazing journey. I love the trakehner breed. I love their fire and I love that they are loyal. They pick their person and will go through fire and across ice for those they love. Think I’m joking? Read their history here. The breed is extremely old and those who bred the horses were very selective. Which means that certain traits are prevalent in the breed. They are loyal, big hearted and work horses. The breed has been a huge influence on most other warmblood breeds  the registry is a closed one. Meaning only pureblood trakehners can be registered and only those passing a breeding evaluation are allowed to have registered offspring.

I chose Trakehners because their breed is one with a rich history of struggles and hardship. They endured and I want to see them flourish.

American Trakehner Brand

American Trakehner Brand