Developing breeding goals

As I continue on my journey of developing a business plan for my long term goals of owning the premier Trakehner breeding farm in Connecticut I want to show you this amazing horse. She is a horse of dreams.

She is going to go up for auction in September.
Her full brother is also up for sale as well as their dam.
I want to buy the three of them as well as another brood mare.
I’m salivating at the idea of owning my own Trakehner breeding farm.
I love my Julie and Fae but these horses would be great buys.
I’m writing for the American Trakehner Association and I love it. I have to work on some more articles but I want to help promote and further the breed.
I love my Trakehners and I want to see the breed grow.

Whatever it takes- I’ll do it.

My goal is to show my home-bred horses at local, regional and national shows. I want to bring attention to the noble Trakehner breed. While my pockets are empty my head is full of big dreams.

Who knows- maybe my stars will change tomorrow and my ship will finally come to port.

My goal for furthering the Trakehner breed is to spice up the color options by breeding for pintos and for double dilute genes. As well as breeding for superior movement for hunters, dressage and eventing.
My goal is to have a broodmare herd of six and to produce 1-3 foals a year. I plan on having two stallions at stud. I want to compete with four horses a year. As well as promote and preserve the Trakehner breed.
Who’s ready to see me succeed?



  1. feliciajane411 · July 10, 2014

    The stallion prospect I want. He is a full sibling to Capulette KD

  2. feliciajane411 · July 10, 2014
    This filly. I want her too.
    If I got her and the others I mentioned I would be over the moon. My dream farm would be all set! Now if only my wishes came true.

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