Mare and Fillies, oh my!

Each and every horse person I meet is certain they know more than everyone else. Whether it be the retired, man-hating woman who dotes on her pet horsie or the little kid who rides without regard to safety both assume that they were enlightened by the horse gods. 

Opinions are irrelevant in the horse world. I’m guilty of living that statement. When it comes to my horses know one knows them better than I do. I have strict expectations about horse care; I take care of my horses because I don’t want other people to take care of them. 

I can say that I have had success in training horses and in keeping horses healthy. Fae just had the vet out for her first round of shots- she was very, very good. She didn’t run away or freak out. She wiggled a little bit but was way more tolerant than I expected. Fae has been a dream to raise and super easy to train. She has a thirst for knowledge and loves to please. She will be wonderful undersaddle.

As a newbie breeder I wasn’t sure what would happen. I knew the foal would be good because Julie is a doll. I didn’t put as much thought into which stallion to use as I should have because the main thing I was focused on was getting a foal from Julie. As a horse breeder, I believe that mares and fillies are more important than colts, geldings and stallions. Mares raise the next generation of horses and fillies are future mares.

I am a mare person and I am excited for the next few years. I’m excited to see how far Fae and I will go.


What does the horsie say? Seriously.

This is a great topic that more horse people need to think about.

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WMHannahHugOur barn rat, Hannah, didn’t meet the horses her first visit to the farm. She was only 3 days old. We waited till her second visit later that week. It was love at first sight for all of us. By the time she was toddling and learning to talk, she knew all the horse’s names. Her parents taught her the animal sound game, “What does a horsie say?” Hannah’s answer was a high-pitched, arching trill, “Nei-ay-ay-agh!” Her voice is so high that it is almost inaudible to anyone but the dogs.

Warning: Do not be fooled by the tutu. Don’t let the pink-themed wardrobe distract you. Don’t let the near toxic level of cuteness cancel out the message.

With the parent’s game over, Hannah wandered down the stall row and came to Grace’s pen. The mare met her at the gate with her nose toddler high and gave her one…

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Horse Breeding in the 21st Century

In the United States horse breeders are struggling. The horse economy is treading water but many horse people are leaving.
It’s too expensive. It can’t be a sustainable career. There has to be a better way to do things.
There is.
The horse industry is aging. Many young and talented horse people are forced to look elsewhere because those around them tell them that horses are money pits.
I believed that for a while. It’s easy to believe that when your wallet laughed at you when you try to buy horse grain. It’s easy to believe that horses are too expensive when you have too many past due bills.
It’s easy to say “I need to sell my horses” when you don’t see a way out.
However, those who stick it out will succeed. I will succeed. I will make my horse business sustainable and I will help others do the same.
Horse people of the 21st century- the time is now. Let’s stop believing what yesterday’s generation told us and let’s starting making our own truths.
Keep your horses and keep your head up. Come with me and let’s make some changes.
Email me at to get things going. or check out for more information about the services I offer.

Developing the business

It’s not easy being a horse person. It is a difficult path to walk down. The hard path is being an equestrian professional. Most horse people want to deal only with the horses. That sounds great in theory but in actuality people pay the bills. The horses are just the icing on the cake.

I love the horse world. I love how close-knit we are and how willing people are to help others out. I’ve decided to start my consulting business because I want to help other horse people create and maintain sustainable horse careers. Here is the website to New England Equine Consulting

Contact me at for more information regarding pricing and services offered.