There is an undercurrent in the horse world that sends all horse riders towards one dream and goal. To be one with the horse. The idea is that you and your horse are of one mind and one spirit. Many toss away that notion without really thinking about it. Others never meet the horse that will show them the way.

I rode my mare bareback last weekend. She is ridiculously out of shape and her hind legs are stiff. She still floats when she moves. I haven’t really ridden her in over two years. School then working full time then breeding her made it so that I didn’t want to ride. I’ve popped on her a few times but I never really focused on riding her to become one.

So, I know she sensitive and listens to all of my aids. I had a light bulb moment so to speak. The ride was amazing. She knew I wanted to do more and tried oh, how she tried. I asked her to trot through the corners and she was all off balance. I realized that she wasn’t fit enough to do that. Once I stopped asking her to do what hurt her she responded by following every little thing I asked her.

At the end of the ride I had her stop. She stopped at an angle. I literally just thought “Please move your hind quarters to the left and square up”. She did exactly that.

That is the ultimate goal of riding- to be able to think and the horse does. In return the horse responds and you accept. It is a constant exchange of energy. One that is balanced and true. I’m not sure if that makes sense to you but it makes sense to me. I’ve been blessed with the ability to work with and be the human to several horses. I am so thankful for that opportunity.

It is easy for me to forget how blessed I am when my muscles ache and I’m running well past empty. It is easy to forget how blessed I am when I just want to curl up in a ball and not move. My horses remind me that they need me as much as I need them.


Equestrian Writing

I’ve got some exciting news- I announced it on my personal blog http://dreameralways.blogspot.com but I wanted to officially annouce it here.

I’ve been asked to be on the publications committee for the American Trakehner Association. Huge! Right? It means that I’m doing something right. Writing is often a thankless task. As a writer you get to put your ideas down on paper and then you have to edit them and refine them. Sometimes, you create something great. Other times, you just throw it all out.

I’ve been struggling with writing for a while- I’ve been trying to get a foothold. Originally, I thought that I could just jump in and make money but now, I realize that I want to write on the side (until things get cooking) and work a regular job to make sure I have income that can support my horses and myself.

I have to say that being in the industries that I’m in is tough. It doesn’t give me much free time and the free time I have I end up not wanting to do anything. My mind is constantly on the go. Organizing and planning this and that. Scheming and thinking and revising. It can be hard to slow it down and get it to focus on the here and now. Sometimes, I just want to relax. To enjoy the moment for what it is. Then my mind starts spinning a new idea, story or article.

What draws me to both riding and writing is the aspect of development and the opportunity to learn more and to learn better. As I move forward with my goals I hope you move forward with yours.

Set the Course

As a horse person when I hear the phrase “Set the course” I think of put up a ring full of jumps or planning out the day’s ride or the goal to get to the next level. As I write this I am thinking about where I am setting my course. What is my end goal? What path do I want to take?

I’ve joined several horse professional organizations and it has opened my eyes to new avenues of networking. My major goal right now is to network out. How have I done that?

Well, I contacted my breed association and asked if I can write for them. They said yes. It was unpaid but it is exposure. I have another magazine I am writing an article for. The thing I have to accept is that they may not run everything I write. When they do though, it gives me the opportunity to get my name out there.

My career path needs me to take chances and take risks. I received a compliment the other night “you can write so that’s not the problem.” The problem is exposure. So, my goal right now is to gain exposure. To I expect to make a lot of money writing for the horse industry? No, I don’t but I do it because I need to expand my horse industry experience. I’m so thankful that I’ve had all of the experiences that I have had. I’m climbing out of the “abyss” so to speak.

I don’t want to write much more as I’m exhausted and my thoughts are running from me. I’ve worked over 30 hours in the past four days and I have three more days of work ahead of me. Then I get a “three day” weekend. Which won’t really be a weekend. I’m going to spend a few hours on Friday working on a couple of magazine articles. Friday is also the day of the KD Jumpers Auction (in another life I would be flying to Wisconsin to buy several Trakehners for my breeding program. Unfortunately, I have a few years to go before I start my breeding program (Connecticut Trakehners). Well, if I won the lottery that would change but I don’t have good luck (A topic for a different blog).

In short, the key to turning your life around and accomplishing your goals is to never stop working. Even on your days off do things to promote yourself. Write, blog, network, and talk to people. Tell people your dreams, the more you talk about it the more invested you become and the more likely you are to succeed. Set your course and plan on how you will navigate your course.

September post

Hey everyone,

Thank you so much for following this blog. I’m excited to develop my readership and I’m excited to connect with other people. Most of all, I’m excited for the opportunity to bring awareness about the noble Trakehner to those who might not have heard of the breed. I’m thrilled that I have the opportunity to help shape the next generation of sport horses.

Currently, I’m working on an article about why I decided to breed my mare. That is due in the beginning of October. I’ve also just procured a full time position working at a company with lots of upward mobility. I’m excited for the opportunities there.

While things are hectic I am at my best during those times. The more I have to juggle the more efficient I become- I guess I’m a workaholic.

That being said I would suggest you check out my blog http://feliciajane.com there I write about the stories I create and the struggles I deal with outside of the horse world.  It’s chock full of musings and writings that you’ll find interesting. My mare Julie, has even written on there a few times.

Check it out and tell me what you think.