Equestrian Writing

I’ve got some exciting news- I announced it on my personal blog http://dreameralways.blogspot.com but I wanted to officially annouce it here.

I’ve been asked to be on the publications committee for the American Trakehner Association. Huge! Right? It means that I’m doing something right. Writing is often a thankless task. As a writer you get to put your ideas down on paper and then you have to edit them and refine them. Sometimes, you create something great. Other times, you just throw it all out.

I’ve been struggling with writing for a while- I’ve been trying to get a foothold. Originally, I thought that I could just jump in and make money but now, I realize that I want to write on the side (until things get cooking) and work a regular job to make sure I have income that can support my horses and myself.

I have to say that being in the industries that I’m in is tough. It doesn’t give me much free time and the free time I have I end up not wanting to do anything. My mind is constantly on the go. Organizing and planning this and that. Scheming and thinking and revising. It can be hard to slow it down and get it to focus on the here and now. Sometimes, I just want to relax. To enjoy the moment for what it is. Then my mind starts spinning a new idea, story or article.

What draws me to both riding and writing is the aspect of development and the opportunity to learn more and to learn better. As I move forward with my goals I hope you move forward with yours.


One comment

  1. kmelroy622 · September 19, 2014

    Congratulations! May your star continue to rise!

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