Creating Confident Riders

Horseback riding is a sport like no other. Predator and Prey unite to become one. If you’ve ridden long enough you’ve had a bad fall or two. You’ve had your doubts and your uncertainties.

I know the feeling and I know how to overcome those feelings. As I push my life forward I am also developing my business plan for Creating Confident Riders. There is a huge market for trainers who work to help riders become the best versions of themselves.

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Facebook Helps Save Horse from Being “Eaten by Lions”

I may ruffle a few feathers by posting this. A few years ago I would have been enraged that the owner was considering send the horse to the lions.
Now, as I’ve gotten older and I’ve seen multiple people neglect and starve their horses I think that sometimes donating a horse to a program like this is the best thing for all parties involved.
Would I ever sell my horses for meat? No. I wouldn’t. They are pets and they are worth more to me than my health. I have sacrificed my honor and my name and my reputation to keep my horses. At the end of the day I don’t care what people say about me. My primary goal is to do what is best for my horses.
I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to care for two lovely horses. I had a third which I fought to keep safe. I bought her from auction (she wasn’t taken care of); if I was a more dramatic person I would say I rescued her from certain death.
Did I?
I’m not sure. This past year I lost a lot of things. I lost my honor, my hope and my faith in a high power. I fought to keep my horses fed. I often went without food. I struggled to work enough to pay the bills. I apologize for this tangent.
My story won’t be told as I’m not one to proclaim from the rooftops about how great I am for struggling. We all struggle.
Lexy, the mare I bought from auction, had cancer. I networked out and was able to give her up to a rescue- they were able to send her to get cancer treatment. Lexy is going to help in the fight to destroy cancer. Having to struggle as I did is worth it because she deserved to have someone fight for her.
This story is one about people giving up and not knowing where to turn. That is the truth. Horse people need to come together and build each other up so that horse owners don’t have to make the heart wrenching decision of sending their horses off to become meat.

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Sonja Haller, The Republic |

“They can be food for the cats, and it’s better than putting (the horses) in a landfill,”

Jim Gath, the owner and chief operator at Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary, interacts with his horses daily and makes sure they always have enough attention and human interaction. (Photo: Dominic Valente/The Republic, Dominic Valente/The Republic) Jim Gath, the owner and chief operator at Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary, interacts with his horses daily and makes sure they always have enough attention and human interaction. (Photo: Dominic Valente/The Republic, Dominic Valente/The Republic)

The headline over the Facebook story could have read: Old, arthritic horse fed to the lions.

The true story, however, has more shades of gray and no-clear cut antagonist. But it did have a happy ending for the hero, a 20-year-old gelding named Spencer.

Spencer was a family horse boarded in Sedona. Once ridden by the family’s children, who had scattered, Spencer had been without a rider for three years. His owner, who lived in Utah, wanted to find him a new home.

“He needed a job. He needed a…

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On the State of Things


Things have definitely moved towards the creation of Connecticut Trakehners.

I have a long ways to go before I am fiscally sound and mentally prepared to start a breeding operation but one hurdle seems to be clearing itself out.  I have a location to start my farm.

Now, I just need to take care of my debt and figure out how my marketing plan is going to work. I also need to acquire some broodmares and I need a stallion. I already have some prospects in mind.

My goal is to create a successful colorful Trakehner breeding program. sells colorful warmbloods. She doesn’t focus on one breed but on several different german breeds. My focus is to develop, maintain and promote the American Trakehner horse.

There are several options that I could pursue to gain the capital I need. I could crowdfund or I could apply for loans but those routes are dead ends. I do not want to beg for money because no one has the cash flow to hand out the money I need to get things cooking.

Oh the tag line I’m thinking of is something like: Connecticut Trakehners the place to go for class and color. Conn Trakehners will be a full service facility where we can help horse people find their next Trakehner through breeding, referral or importation. We will also offer young horse training, rehab training and show prep training. My goal is to compete (to make a name for myself) and to breed amazing youngstock. There is a need for young and dedicated horse breeders. Luckily, I am both of those things.

Note: When registering a stallion for Trakehner approval he must pass an inspection and must be considered an asset to the breed. It costs a lot of money to register a horse and stallions are expected to compete and to prove that they have the talent and athleticism that are trademarks of the Trakehner breed.

American Trakehner Brand

American Trakehner Brand

The Vicious Cycle of:

I’ve written about many different things on many different blogs. I have about six blogs and I try to keep up with three of them. It’s been hard. I don’t want to sound like I am whining because I’m not. I’m just at a point where I’m beyond exhausted. I can see several paths ahead of me and I’m not sure which one I should take.

I recently started full time working in retail. Which is great because it means more money and benefits. I actually secured the position and I’ve been working with that company for less than six months. I like to move fast. I like promotions and I like to be rewarded. Oh, how I love rewards.

However, with each reward I still seem to fall short of where I need to be. I just cannot seem to figure out how to make it so things work together easily. Full time means more money but it also means less time. Less time to write, less time to dream and less time to work with my horses.

My horses- I love them dearly and I really don’t want to give up on them but I’m tired of fighting a losing battle. I keep talking about how I’m going to start a breeding program. I’ve started making contacts within the horse industry and I’ve started laying down the flagstones for that path. All great things but I don’t know if I’ll go down that path. I’m losing hope that I’ll be able to make something of myself. I’m starting to slip into being a glassy eyed person who keeps her head down and avoids all opportunities at becoming something more.

I’ve had to make a lot of concessions. I’m a better person because of my experience but I’m really tired of suffering. That is where I’m at. Exhausted and hoping that I don’t have to give up but I’m pretty sure I do. What do I have to give up? I’m not sure yet.

Things are moving forward but they feel like they are moving backwards. I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever be financially sound and if I’ll ever have a place to call my own.