Stallion Prospect Alert

My goals for my breeding program: breed high quality, colorful Trakehners. I’d also like to line breed for the Matador line. I like the way this colt moves. His hind end is a bit hitchy but he has a good shoulder.

Ideally, I’d buy both him and his dam (really dreaming right now).

I also want to buy an arabian mare for refinement and some older broodmares to keep the older look. I love big bodied, big joined warmbloods that float above the ground.


New Year- New Focus

As 2014 winds down I have to say I am thankful that this year is done. It has been one of change, frustration and growth. I watched my filly grow from a foal into a yearling. I had the opportunity to develop new friendships with other horse people. I moved back home and reestablished stagnant relationships.

I’ve also lost things. I’ve lost pride and the sense that my worth is defined by being famous or recognized or important. I’ve grown more humble and more aware of the struggles of others. I’ve lost the feeling that I have to be perfect. In 2014, I lost a lot but I gain a whole lot more.

In 2014, I learned to reach out. To make crazy leaps and to be who I want to be. I learned that I can’t wait for someone to say “yup, now you are ready to be x,y or z.” I graduated college two years ago and I finally realized that being educated is great but being certain of who you are and of what you want to be is infinitely more important. This year, I ranted, raved and had several emotional break downs. This year I was stretched and pretty certain I was going insane. Growth often hurts (I remember growing pains and how much they hurt) but after that pain is the realization that you’ve changed and become something different and new.

The feeling of New is something we all strive to feel. We want to create new products, new ideas and new innovations. We believe that New will solve all of our problems. That isn’t always the case because New becomes old if we forget what we learned while we were growing. I vow to remember what I learned while growing. I vow to be fiscally responsible, to stay stubborn and to hold onto my dreams even when I’d rather let them go. I also vow to accept that I’m not perfect and that sometimes dreams need to shift in order for you to be the best possible version of yourself.

When I was younger I wanted to be the best; I wanted to compete in the Olympics and I convinced myself if I didn’t make it there then I was worthless. For me, competing in the Olympics isn’t likely; I have Narcolepsy which means that I am unable to compete at international levels. Why? because I don’t have the drive nor the dedication to devote my life to being the best rider. I used to chide myself on that but now, I realize that there are other ways I can contribute to the horse world.

I bred for my first foal in 2012. She was born in 2013 and I have to say she is amazing. She has surpassed all of my expectations and she is beautiful. I didn’t expect her to be what she is but I am so happy that I have to opportunity to own her. Raising her and teaching her to be a good baby has given me so much joy. I know now that I want to be a Trakehner breeder. I want to help the breed grow and I want to promote high quality, sane and good moving horses. I want to help others learn to be responsible horse owners and I want to teach others how important it is to keep the welfare of the horse first when caring for them. Sure, I could be a famous rider but that wouldn’t be as rewarding as seeing the next generation of competitors be horse savvy and focused on the betterment of the horse world.

In 2015 I will be rolling out interviews with horse breeders, competitors and the greats. I already have a couple of interviews set up. My focus isn’t on what I think but on what will be the most beneficial for all to learn. As I work on creating a place where thoughtful, intelligent and innovative horse people can collaborate I hope you join me in building an environment of positive growth.

Stay tuned and see what the new year will bring.

The Budding Equestrian Writing Professional

“I was paired with the five best teammates I could imagine, a phenomenal coach and a horse-of-a-lifetime, seemed a recipe for success. But a comment made by veteran teammate Phillip Dutton stood out in my head at a pre-game chat.

He said, “Be ready for things to not go according to plan; be ready to compete and fight through things not being perfect.” –From Sinead Halpin

Well, That quote from Phillip Dutton seems to be a good starting point for this blog post. I was elated when I was asked to be on the ATA publishing committee. Thrilled, over the moon and then I just received the latest ATA magazine. It looks great but my breeder profile is choppy and unrefined. I want to email Karen Stopek and tell her that she should pull my breeder profile and I want to email Carol Poulin-Taylor and apologize for the profile being so poorly written. Karen asked me to write the next breeder profile and I originally said yes but now I want to email her and tell her I came up with a case of… well, I don’t really know.

I feel like I’m trying to swim in an ocean when I’m used to a kiddie pool.

I want to make headway. I want to place my stamp on the equestrian world. The more I dream about doing that the more I want to take down everything I’ve written and back my bags and disappear. Writing about horses seems logical. I love writing and I love horses- so why wouldn’t I marry the two and do what I’m most passionate about.

Because I’m scared that I will succeed and I’m scared that I won’t succeed. I go through these fits of I can do this and thinking I’m insane for doing this. I’ve lived the safe life for so many years that I’ve forgotten that I have wings. I want to be a writer but I’ve convinced myself that I’ll never make it in the horse world. Which is a bit silly. I have to keep trying. I have to keep on attempting to fly because only then will my wings begin to work. I have to be like that little girl in the tutu and I have to believe that I can and will do this. I need to have the eyes and faith of a child.

Forget the baggage you have.

Instead, believe that you will succeed. I made the attempt to reach out and I now have the platform to grow as a writer and become more than a girl who dreams of impacting the horse world. I can and will be someone who helps shape the next generation of horse professionals. I have to remember that we learn from more than one teacher and we are the better for it. I have to get over my belief that I need to be the sensei or nothing. That is just illogical thinking and if there was only one authority on riding horses then a lot of people would be out of a job. I don’t need to be the expert on the whole of the equestrian industry. However, I can be an expert on a small piece.

In development is an ebook titled How to keep Horses on a Shoestring Budget. I need to work on it but I know that it will help other people. It will help empower people to keep their hope instead of lose it.